Equal Gold No Calorie Sweetener Keto/Low Carb

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Equal Gold No Calorie Sweetener
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Sugar-like sweetness without all the calories. Sweetened with erythritol and sucralose, EQUAL GOLD ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER is a sugar substitute and a smart choice with zero calories.

BAKING SUGAR SUBSTITUTE: Can be used just like sugar, even in baking!

SUGAR ALTERNATIVE: Sweetness you can feel good about! 1 stick of EQUAL GOLD ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER provides the same sweetness as 2 teaspoons of sugar. Use EQUAL GOLD ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER to sweeten everything from coffee, tea, cereal, fruit, yoghurt to fruit smoothies for sweetness.

Zero calories and 0 carbs per serving. It is gluten free and has zero cholesterol, trans fat, and sodium per serving.

KETO SWEETENER: EQUAL GOLD ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER is a keto diet friendly sweetener with zero carbs per serving, and a great choice for sweetening keto food and keto snacks.

SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES: Replacing added sugar with zero calorie sweeteners can help individuals with diabetes manage their health while enjoying sweetened food and beverages.

GREAT WITH COFFEE: Sweeten your favorite coffee with zero calories, whether it is Nescafe, Nespresso, Lavazza, Dunkin Donuts and or whole bean coffee brewed at home.

TASTING IS BELIEVING: Compare EQUAL GOLD ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER to other sweeteners like raw sugar, stevia, and erythritol sweeteners, as well as Splenda, Swerve, Pyure, Truvia, Lakanto, Natvia, Green Stevia, Sweet & Fit and SweetLeaf.


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