WISDOM KN-40-2 white Glue school supplies

Price ₱15 ₱12
power adhesive
soft paste,washes out.
safe and clean.
for home.school or office.
fit for paper
keep away from direct sunlight
children aged 0-3are not allowed.
Dear customers and friends;
1) Delivery date/time
Please note that we have no way of knowing when it will be delivered to you (depending on the region and the rider who assigned your package, the time may be as long as 1-4 days, or as long as 2-3 weeks). For updates, you can check your shopee application where the package is located. There is no need to ask us because we are seeing exactly the same updates as you. For follow-up, we will only make follow-up requests for packages that have not been delivered 1 week after the system was last updated.
2) Unboxing video
After receipt, if there is an unfortunate accident such as wrong or incomplete items in the order, we ask you to make an unpacking video for our reference. We strictly enforce the prohibition of unpacking videos, and prohibit returns/refunds/changes of product policies.
3) Transportation risk
As evidenced by our large number of ”store feedback”, we have to be extra careful when packing books. However, regardless of the quality of the packaging, dents, scratches, and damaged boxes/books may still be caused by shipping.
This is the problem of the courier company, please don't lose your temper to us, we really cannot avoid it.
Thank you very much and I wish you a happy shopping!

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