MJBCGT Mini UPS for PLDT, Converge, Smart, SKY and Globe Router, DVR, NVR and CCTV [12v - 1A to 3A]

  • Warranty Duration: 1 Month
  • Warranty Type: International Warranty
Price ₱1,199 ₱1,199
Unexpected power outage interrupting your meetings, online class, games, or streaming? Worry no more!

Stay online with our MINI UPS for PLDT, Converge, Globe, SKY Broadband and Smart router! It provides battery backup during power outage. It automatically switch to backup power (battery) without rebooting your router!

Yes! It keep the connection alive even after power outage!

It's like a power bank for your router without the need of step up cable!

Our MINI UPS device comes with protections such as overcharge protection(system protection), overload and short circuit protection (battery protection). Thus, it's safe to keep the device connected 24/7.

This device is powered by your router adapter and this can also be use to power any 12volts devices such as CCTV and 12v DC Lamps.

Compatible to other routers: Tenda, D-Link, Asus, Xiaomi, TP-Link and Huawei

Input Voltage Range: 100-240VAC / 12.6-14VDC
Battery Output Voltage: 12V

What's inside?
DC Cable (UPS to Router)
User Manual

How long does it last?
1H+, 3H, 4H, 4H, 6H, 9H, 12hrs+, 17hrs+ and 21hrs+.

Old router consume less power. Thus, duration may be longer.

Backup power duration may vary also depending on how busy the router is (how many users are connected to Wi-Fi and if the VOIP Phone is also being used).

How is this device differs from my power bank that I use to connect on my router?
- This device is designed as UPS. It only utilize battery when needed and charges it if needed. With power bank, your router keeps on charging the battery while being utilized. Thus, too much heat is being generated and also reduces the life cycle of the battery. Also, power bank shouldn't be charged 24/7.

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